Aranya – ‘of the forest’

We create all-natural dyes that are born from pigments in the leaves, seeds, flowers, and nuts found in the lush forests of Munnar in southern India.

Learning from the Past

We tap into indigenous knowledge and techniques to transform these gifts of the earth into naturally dyed fabrics in a bouquet of colors.

Protecting Futures

Our dream is that making these traditions economically viable will not only preserve them for generations to come, but also provide our differently abled artisans and young apprentices with sustainable livelihoods.

Twenty five years ago, we began as a small scale natural dyeing unit with a dream of employing people with disabilities. But a philosophy of zero waste and our pledge to never stop learning have guided us on a journey to becoming one of the most recognized brands in the natural dyeing world. Everything we have learnt on this adventure has bolstered our belief that natural dyes are key to a sustainable future for fashion. Come join us as we gather with like-minded people to share, learn, grow, and celebrate the last 25 years.


The art of making Natural Dyes is a unique repository of community heritage which Aranya seeks to preserve.

Our Expertise

We use a range of techniques from India and indigenous communities around the world to produce soft, lustrous fabrics in rich colors. We specialize in Batik, Shibori, tie & dye, block printing, and mordant printing.

Our Process

Natural dyeing is part art and part science. Our attention to detail at each step of the dye-making process results in exceptional products that consistently meet the expectations of quality conscious buyers around the world.

Our People

While Aranya Natural’s products are undoubtedly gifts of nature, they are also a tribute to the human spirit. We have grown at a tremendous pace these past 25 years and we owe all our success to our talented people.

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