Explore Munnar!

Ervikulam National Park

Nestled deep in the woods, Gravel Banks, an angler’s shack is a dreamy old stone building trapped in time. Surrounded by beautiful woods this jungle cottage is girdled on one side by a sparkling and delightfully clear stream. Taking inspiration from the famous poet George Mackay Brown, the essence of the magic of Gravel Banks is silence, loneliness and the deep marvellous rhythms of the river, darkness and light. Reminiscent of a Wordsworthian poem, the mountains peeking behind the clouds, and the grasslands that make up the river bank in front of the cottage make this haven of peace the perfect idyllic setting for a picnic. The journey to Gravel Banks is equally magnificent, as you get to drive through one of India’s most iconic National Parks, the Eravikulam National Park. The 92 Sq. Km park’s landscape predominantly consists of a grassland & high montane shola forest eco-system. This globally acclaimed National Park is home to half the world's population of a rare & endangered species of mountain goat, the Nilgiri Tahr (Ibex), and the park is endowed with  an even more unique feature, the famous Strobilanthus plant, commonly known as the Neelakurunji, that flowers once in 12 years, covering the hills in blue. The last blossom took place in 2018 and that was an unforgettable sight! The National Park that is managed by the Kerala Forest Department has an effective monitoring and conservation protocol, which has resulted in the preservation of the green carpeted landscape and enabled a thriving population of Nilgiri Tahr and vast stretches of the Strobilanthus plant.

Kundale Club

Located in the temperate zone of the Munnar nearer to Top Station at an elevation of 6800 feet above sea level, is the spectacular Kundale Club and its scenic Golf Course. This club is a quaint little set up in a mesmerising backdrop. The Scottish pioneering planters felt a close similarity of this tantalisingly beautiful landscape with their hillsides back home. While at the club, enjoy the very quiet & beautiful locale soaking in nature's bounty. The old artefacts in the club will take you back in time & helps one to feel the rich plantation culture & tradition that had existed in this countryside since the late 19th century. Walk, play golf, read a book; Kundale is also a naturalist’s paradise, so you get to do so in the lap of nature as you marvel about the bounties that Mother Nature has bestowed this area with.